Rangers Battlefield 4 Clan

What We Stand For.

The Rangers BF Clan thrives on the quality of its members, on and off the battlefield. While other clans enforce maturity and professionalism, we inspire brotherhood and friendship.

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The Bull Stops Here.

The lack of drama and politics is just what our members are looking for after a long day of actual work. A time of relaxation and kicking-ass in Battlefield with diverse personalities from around the world makes a good stress reliever.

A Job That Needs Filling.

Rank is earned, not bought. Those who wear an officer's insignia have responsibilities – duties preformed for the clan. If you have something to offer, something to push the clan ahead, you are on your way to the top already.

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Do You Have What It Takes?

Finding a BF4 gaming clan is not meant to be easy. A lot of time and effort can go into finding a place to fit in and still be able to enjoy yourself. Let the Rangers save you the trouble! Quickly answer the questions below to see if you are a good fit for the Rangers clan.

News From The Front.